About me

I'm a Software Engineer originating from Switzerland. My main skills are:

  • Mobile applications (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) using native APIs or frameworks such as Cocos2D or Unity.
  • Backend development (node.js, J2EE, MySQL, MongoDB).
  • Graphical programming (OpenGL, Direct3D, Game Boy dev, …).

Plus, I love to know how it works at low level (assembly, emulation, compilers).
Also like to improve the workflow (testing tools, continuous integration, software architecture, scripting, documentation, collaborative tools).

Employment & education summary

  • 4 years Apprenticeship as Programmer.
  • 2 years Developer at La Gestion Electronique SA: developing accounting software and customer requests.
  • 1.5 year EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • 4 years School of Business and Engineering Vaud (HEIG-VD).
    • 5 months Bachelor project in exchange at the Future University Hakodate (はこだて未来大学).
    • 1 year Embedded systems developer at Arimaz SA (developing a toy-like robot in C and assembly: experience with bluetooth, USB, audio synthesis on microcontrollers).
    • 4 months Developed a 3D viewer for biomedical implants for the company Yellowsteps.
  • 3.5 years Software Engineer at Lotaris SA: building a web based platform allowing to sell premium content on mobile devices, such as in-app purchases.
  • 1 year Software Engineer at Clan of the Cloud SaS: building a Cloud Gaming Backend (BaaS) & client tools.

If you want more information, feel free to contact me and ask for a full CV ;)

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