Welcome to my development web-site. On this site, you'll find my projects for the different platforms on which I've had the occasion to work so far.

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This site is still in construction, more will come in the future, stay tuned!

Note: The problem with safari has been fixed! If you've got a problem with another browser, then please contact me

20.01.10   |   Release of Heig-Boy
First release of a Game Boy emulator made from scratch. Works quite well with most games, has sound and colorization features! Also, I put a first version of ColorIt Painter, a very handy GUI for colorizing your games!

20.01.10   |   GBA Graphics 1.09
Nothing new, I think. But still, some people were waiting for this.
Now has a better support for plugins and B&W Game Boy support is included as an example.

25.12.09   |   Defi de noël PA 2009
Le défi de noël PlayerAdvance 2009, par Yodajr, Ass-Itch, archilolo et moi-męme.

15.02.09   |   µLibrary 1.12
An update to compile with the latest devKitPro release. Click on the title to read more.

15.02.09   |   Added Sonic source code
I just added the source code and an updated version of my Sonic for GBA engine demo. This version now compiles with the latest version of DevKitPro and gives decent performance (not as good as my old customized HAM installation with GCC 3, but still more than enough (around 40 percent CPU IIRC).

16.12.08   |   Site update
I just updated the site. The display was very bad on some browsers, but I didn't know about that before. Thanks to Manu for the fix

23.08.08   |   µLibrary 1.11
An update to µLibrary, correcting a few bugs.

07.04.08   |   Oldschool Library 2.10 source code
I'm really sorry that I forgot it, but here it is. You can now get the source code of OSLib 2.10.

27.12.07   |   µLibrary 1.10a
An update to µLibrary, initially only meant to fix the problems with the latest libnds release, but which finally features some nice improvements.

01.12.07   |   Oldschool Library 2.10
An update to this well known library for PSP. Cool changes (namely mp3 support) as well as more robust code makes this library a good choice, especially for people who decided to stick with version 1.0.

04.09.07   |   MasterBoy 2.02
Another update of MasterBoy, with some nice new things. There is also a modification of VisualBoyAdvance, which allows you to play your colorized games on PC too!

27.08.07   |   MasterBoy update
The 2.01 is released
Also, the document on how to colorize games is now available in english too ^^

20.08.07   |   MasterBoy is out!
I released my Game Boy emulator at the neo compo

17.07.07   |   µLibrary update
Compiles correctly with the newest libnds version and fixes a few things.

18.05.07   |   Oldschool library 2.0 alpha 1 released!
After several months, it is here! The new version of OSLib has a got lot of changes. Just click on the post title to access the OSLib page where you'll be able to download it.

18.04.07   |   µLibrary update
Fixes the problem and compiles correctly with the newest libnds version.

27.03.07   |   Site update
I've added new old projects, especially to the TI-68k section.

25.03.07   |   Official µLibrary forum is open!
The official µLibrary forum, hosted by PlayerAdvance has just opened! Click on the news title to access it. This is an official forum and thus you can speak in english! You can go there and post if you've got any question or problem.

21.03.07   |   Oldschool library news!
Thankfully, this library has not been given up! The new "OSLib 2.0" project has started! It will be an update to OSLib, but not only a small bugfix: a lot of things will change! If you have suggestions or bugs to report, it is time to do it Don't wait the end to see if I've maybe fixed what you was waiting for...

20.03.07   |   µLibrary 1.0 beta release!
µLibrary is a new library for the Nintendo DS! Please see the official page here.

18.03.07   |   Mise en ligne de la nouvelle version!
Voilŕ, je me suis enfin décidé ŕ me refaire un site, et je crois que cette fois on peut dire qu'il y avait vraiment besoin...