Games for Game Boy Advance

This section groups all my games for the Game Boy Advance from Nintendo.
This wonderful console is not dead (yet), but my projects are, for the moment. I hope I can find the motivation to continue them some day.

Some of them have a single page only for them, click on the headers to access it.

12.02.06   |   Sonic for GBA
This was intended to be a clone from the Genesis game Sonic.

24.12.04   |   Balle for GBA
The GBA version of Balle. Requires 64 kbit of SRAM for saving! Includes the full source code.

09.04.04   |   Mario Demo
Small demo of a Mario-like game on GBA. Includes the full source code.

15.05.05   |   Poong Demo
Not a game, just a project showing collisions between objects that are not square.