KeyboardProvider for OS X

KeyboardProvider is an app running OS X Snow Leopard and higher (10.6). It monitors your keyboard state and makes it available in the form of a local server. Watch the following video:

Any app can connect to the server by providing by its IP and port, and a very simple C client (~60 lines) is provided for easy set-up. The only code you have to provide is the following:

#include "kbdclient.h"

void init_game() {
    kbdclient_init("", 53841);

void do_frame() {
    if (kbdclient_held(KEY_LEFT))
        Some action...

09.02.16   |   Keyboard provider (click here to download)
Keyboard Provider is now available on github.
Contains lightweight client sample code, instructions and everything you need (head for the Releases tab to download it).