GBA Graphics

GBA Graphics is a graphic converter for GBA and DS, and a powerful universal map editor for 2D projects. It's very complete and should be enough for some projects, like some platformers. It will spare you a lot of code to type, and provides a scripting system so you can customize it if you want. The interface is also intuitive and provides powerful features such as object lists, multi-map editing with parallax scrolling, emulation of mirror and palette bits, resize from scratch, cut n' paste, undo/redo, etc.

Its use is recommended for OSLib and µLibrary maps.

21.01.10   |   GBA Graphics 1.09
This version corrects a few bugs. It's been a long time, I don't know exactly what changed

21.01.10   |   GBA Graphics 1.09 source
The source has changed a lot though, because it is now using real .cpp/.h files instead of multiple .h files.
The plugin API has changed a bit. Separate compilation should make it easier to code your own plugins.

18.03.07   |   GBA Graphics 1.00b
This is an old version of GBA Graphics.

02.04.07   |   GBA Graphics 1.00b source
GBA Graphics source code.