Applications and tools for PC

This page shows some of my tools and applications for PCs.

Some do have a single page only for them, click on the headers to access it.

Note that most of these have no interest in themself because they are not finished or not very interesting, I've just put them here for archival purposes

18.03.07   |   GBA Graphics 1.00b
This is the actual version of GBA Graphics.

xx.xx.xx   |   HTMLAide
My first try of a search program. It was used in my HTML courses to quickly find among exercices already done one that matched a given problem

xx.xx.xx   |   RVB
A very useful application that can give you the web name and component of colors in the RGB (red, green, blue) system.

xx.xx.xx   |   Wingraph
A newer and better library, but which still has no real interest. It is able to load BMP files, resize, rotate, alpha-blend and so on, but it doesn't use the hardware acceleration and thus is not very powerful...

xx.xx.xx   |   Graphlib
My old library. I've only put it there because it's needed to recompile some of my software.