OldSchool Library

OldSchool Library is a graphical library for the PlayStation Portable. It is intended to help you working on 2D games.

Currently, there is an official forum, hosted by PlayerAdvance.org, and the official topic where it all began is on ps2dev.org.

You can directly access the technical documentation here.

Some samples are available here.

07.04.08   |   Source code of OldSchool Library 2.10
I'm sorry that I forgot it, but after many desperated demands, it is here, you can download the source code of OSLib 2.10

01.12.07   |   OldSchool Library version 2.10
This is an all new version of OSLib! The main change is that this time the library is more robust. New features are:
- ATRAC3(plus) audio support.
- MP3 audio support (untagged, 44 kHz files only).
- Images are now automatically swizzled when loaded, providing a performance boost for new users.
- Analog-to-DPad support.
- Get/SetImagePixel now can work with swizzled images.
Important: Check out the samples page for an example of game with mp3 support.

18.05.07   |   OldSchool Library version 2.00 alpha 1
This is an alpha version of the upcoming OSLib version 2.00. The version 1.0 has proven to be quite reliable, so if you want to write robust code, you should rather use the 1.0 instead of this, as it's currently in test stage.
Warning: This is an alpha version. Anything may and WILL change. So be prepared to eventual breaking changes. This version is here for evaluation and testing purposes. Don't use it on a serious project.
Note: If you're upgrading from the version 1.0 or lower, there are some breaking changes. Also, new functionality makes old things to be deprecated (althrough they will still continue to be supported). Please read the CHANGES.TXT file carefully, that's important.

07.10.06   |   OldSchool Library version 1.0
This was for long the most up to date version of OSLib.

07.10.06   |   OldSchool Library v1.0 source
Download the source code for OSLib.