Applications and tools for TI calculators!

This page shows some tools and applications for TI 68k-based calculators.

Some of them have a single page only for them, click on the headers to access it.

Note that just like games, some of these have no interest in themself (especially those which do not have a dedicated page) because they are not finished or not very interesting, I've just put them here for archival purposes

Some of these tools are for PC, or they're mixed, like Text Walker which does include a TI and PC editor as well as converters.

27.05.06   |   Text Walker 2.0
A complete text editor and viewer for TI, including PC tools.

03.03.03   |   Clib
A library which was used in a few of my games. Not very interesting, because it's not very fast and does not feature function names, but numbers (e.g. 4=rectangle, 26=map, 666=reset), totalizing a number of a bit more than 40 functions.
Features a few samples which shows the usage of the library and an unfinished documentation which describes up to the function 28.

09.12.04   |   Ch'titeLib
An unfinished library that was useful for TI-BASIC. Functions had real names, you could type things like lib("DrawStr 0,0,Hello"), manipulate internal variables to create simple loops, access TI-BASIC variables and even manipulate lists and argument stack. Another example is: lib("nY=0:_bcl:Line 0,nY,160,nY,2:nY+:If nY<100:Goto bcl"). It will draw a lot of inverted lines on the screen, MUCH faster than TI-BASIC would (or with multiple library calls).

No shot

01.12.03   |   TISprite
A sprite converter designed for being used with TIGCC projects. It does feature grayscale and dithering as well as luminosity / contrast settings.