Games for TI-89, TI-92+ and Voyage 200!

This section groups all my games for the 68k-based TI calculators.

Some of them have a single page only for them, click on the headers to access it.

Note that some games there have no interest in themself (especially those which do not have a dedicated page) because they are not finished or not very interesting, I've just put them here for archival purposes, and because some could be good ideas of projects for getting started in game programming.

A few are programmed in BASIC, I always precise it when it's the case, else they're programmed in C.

04.04.04   |   Balle
A complete blockball game with more than 32 levels, multiball, special powers and 4 hidden "impossible" levels.

01.09.03   |   Super Mariole
A Mario-like game. Contains 20 levels in various world environments (plains, mine, underwater, space, temples, jungle, castle). One of my first games, not very well realized.

13.06.03   |   Gen X version 1.5
Another complete game. Following of Gen. It is written in BASIC and thus not very smooth. You drive a small rocket plane and must avoid the walls while collecting all hidden diamonds in 5 worlds including various bosses!
An interesting game that will test your dexterity

19.11.03   |   Gen 2.10 FR
One of my first games ever... nostalgia. It is written in TI-BASIC and has not got the best graphics in the world, but we can at least say it's finished. It contains 34 levels in a total of 10 worlds with graphics entirely created by hand (that's maybe why they are so beautiful ).
The goal is to control a small ship and avoid the walls while trying to find the exit. This game will test your dexterity and concentration.
Includes source code.

13.06.02   |   Snake
A snake-like game. It's very simple and basic, low consuption and features temporary bonuses.

16.07.03   |   Tetrisse
A small and basic tetris game. Not very well realized
One interesting thing is that it features digital sound You can hear it with putting a 2.5 jack earphone in the IO port of your calculator.

07.05.03   |   Tic Tac Toe
A very simple version of a famous board game. It's programmed in BASIC excepted the AI which is coded in C.

Unfinished projects

These have clearly no interest except for archival purposes

19.03.07   |   GenPlus
Something which was meant to be the following of Gen X. Unfinished by far (contains 12 levels IIRC). It's one of the rare games for which I created my own graphics.
Includes the full source code.

19.03.07   |   Knight Kid
A very special game using my old Mario engine and based on gfx and ideas of quite a lot of games (especially Kid Chameleon, hence its name ).
You can still play in 10 levels, but it's not very interesting and well made.
Includes the full source code.
EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Type knight("plus") to start the game! If you type knight() only, the game will crash!!!

Test or demo projects

These have even less interest than unfinished projects . Unlike others, they are usually not really playable (just a demo).

19.11.03   |   Mario Land Test
Something that I wanted to be a Mario Land like game. I've done this project even if I've already programmed a Mario before, because for the first time I wanted to try to write a game with clean code. Contains an unfinished collision engine, level loader and nothing else
Includes source code.